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Stories Online!
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Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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Lights! Camera! Action!





Betty White!     James Earl Jones!     Hector Elizondo!     Camryn Manheim!     Melissa Gilbert!  

These are just a few of the actors from the Screen Actors Guild who read children's stories online in video at: 

What a great way for students to be sent off for the summer!  Stories are read professionally with inflection, actual illustrations from the books, and light music to accompany the stories.  The words being spoken can be shown at the bottom of the screen or turned off to just enjoy the actor's reading.  

See Story titles at clicking "All Stories-Index"

To access these videos:

1. Go to the website listed above.

2. Find the "All Stories Index"

3. Click any title.

4. See the reader's name.

5. Click: "Let's Read It"

6. Choose your speed (56-512 K): Best resolution=512 K Broadband

7. View the video--click the "Fullscreen" for larger picture.


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