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School Dress Code
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Sunday, May 01, 2016
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What shall I wear?




Every student enrolled in the Douglas County School System is expected to observe a standard of grooming and dress consistent with the level of formality of the school setting. Certain items of dress are not considered appropriate and therefore, are not acceptable, and could result in a child having to call parents at home or work to bring more appropriate clothing.

Unacceptable examples include (but are not limited to) the following: 

•·        hats,

•·        visors,

•·        hoods pulled up,

•·        sweatbands,

•·        skull caps,

•·        bandanas or other head garments including

•·        non-prescription sunglasses worn inside the building;

•·        beach or shower shoes,

•·        bare feet,

•·        flip flops,

•·        rubber and/or metal cleats;

•·        shoes with any type of wheels or other rolling apparatus;

•·        clothing that shows the bare midriff, bare back or the bare shoulders;

•·        tank tops (shoulders must be covered; arm holes tight fitting) are permitted only for students in K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades; tank tops are not permitted in 4th and 5th grades;

•·        see-through or mesh clothing unless worn over other apparel;

•·        clothing or articles advertising or displaying the insignia of drugs, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited;

•·        clothing with profane or obscene language or symbols displayed, or

•·        clothing which promotes violence; gang related appearance, clothing or objects are prohibited;

•·        all pants which are not worn at the waist;

•·        heavy coats or raincoats inside buildings and classrooms;

•·        heavy chains or dog collars around the waist or neck, or attached to a wallet;

•·        shorts, dresses and skirts that are too tight, too short, (five inches from the top of the kneecap) or not worn at the waist are not permitted;

•·        pajamas,

•·        bedroom shoes or other sleepwear; and

•·        holes or patches above the knee.

Good taste and good judgment should be used by parents and students alike in the selection of school dress.  Many "fads" in dress are not appropriate.

The school administration reserves the right to determine if certain other items are too casual, too revealing or too distracting from the learning environment to be considered appropriate for school. The health and safety of all students will be taken into consideration when making decisions regarding appropriate/inappropriate attire, including the tucking of shirts.

Some exceptions to these guidelines may be made for special activity days such as field days and character costume days as determined by the school principal. Special accommodations may also be made for health reasons. Total days for exceptional dress must be limited to no more than 5% of the student calendar (9 days) due to impact on the learning environment. Exceptions should be announced to students and parents well ahead of the date. Clear explanations of what will and will not be allowed must be included in the announcements.


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