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UPDATE: Lincoln Lives!
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Thursday, March 24, 2016
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ASES students keep Lincoln's memory alive...




 We are so excited to present our version of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address!  Here it is...

Here's a link to our YouTube performance! You can use CHROME>>YouTube>>(put this address in the YouTube search box)


Students at Arbor Station have been practicing for a school performance of Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Speech. The kids are members of the Ford's Theater Oratory Group and are having the opportunity to work virtually through Skype on oratory and rhetoric skills with a professional actress from Ford's Theater in Washington D.C.

PET grant funds were used to purchase Abraham Lincoln costumes, cue cards, and fun microphones. The students will present the speech to the whole school in April, and the program will be filmed and uploaded to the Ford's Theater web page.

Teachers Cate Flanagan and Laura Stamps are sponsoring this awesome program!! The grant for this project was written by Mr. Thomas Bruno, assistant principal at Arbor Station Elementary.


Notes from Mr. Bruno: The kids really enjoyed the project this year! What a wonderful opportunity for them, and we hope to do it again next school year. We received a $500 grant from our school district to expand the program next year. 

Kids' quotes:


"I loved being a part of the Ford's Theater group because I got to make lots of new friends. I think Abraham Lincoln is still important to me today because I am becoming a better speaker, writer and helper just like him." Xavier Hargrove


"I liked all of the things that Abraham Lincoln did and said. He explained why there was a war and how it should end. He made our country better for everyone." Perla Castanon- Contreras


"I learned to love to perform in front of others. I love Lincoln for showing me how to speak in front of an audience and to emphasize words and phrases." Gabriel Forges


Go, Lincoln Bears!


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