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Parent Help Guides for Reading and Math
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Monday, May 02, 2016
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Parents, how about some help in understanding what your student will be studying in reading and math this school year, what will be reviewed, and what will be studied in the next school year?

Oakland, CA schools have prepared some helpful guides for parents that apply to parents and students of Douglas County students, as well.  In each guide, parents can see what will be studied in a particular school year in reading and math.  The guide will also list what was taught last school year and what will be taught in the following school year.  To see these guides, click the links below:

Reading and Writing, Grades K-5, Click a Grade Level below:

Kindergarten ELA

Grade 1 ELA

Grade 2 ELA

Grade 3 ELA

Grade 4 ELA

Grade 5 ELA

Math for Grades K-5, Click a grade level below:

Kindergarten Math

Grade 1 Math

Grade 2 Math

Grade 3 Math

Grade 4 Math

Grade 5 Math

To see Reading (ELA) and Math guides for all grades K-12, go to:

Click: Grades K-12 Reading and Math Guides


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