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WHAT are Lexiles?
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Monday, May 02, 2016
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You've heard the term--be in the know!





The idea behind The Lexile Framework for Reading is fairly simple: we want to help students find books that match the student’s level of reading and understanding (comprehension). If we know how well a student can read, and we also know how easy or difficult a specific book is to comprehend, we can predict how well that student will understand the content and meaning of the book. Lexiles individualize the choice of reading materials to the student's reading abilities.

A book, article, or piece of writing gets a Lexile text measure when it's analyzed by a company called MetaMetrics for word frequency (how often new words show up in the text) and length of sentences within the text. The Lexile text measure is a good starting point in the book-selection process. Text measures range from 0-1700L. For example, the first "Harry Potter" book has a Lexile measure of 880 for difficulty, so it's marked 880L on its cover or spine label.

Students are measured for their Lexile ranges by taking AIMSweb tests on the computer at school, by taking myOn™ quizzes at home or school, or by other teacher-selected methods. These ranges are then listed on cards that students bring with them to the media center so media personnel and their teachers can help them select materials the students can read and understand.

To understand the concept of Lexile measurement, view a short video called "The Lexile Framework for Reading."  While the title may sound complicated, this video actually gives you an easy comparison of Lexiles to a person shopping for shoes!

For Video, Click:


To check a book's Lexile measure, Click: 


Type in the book's author, title, or ISBN code in the Quick Search box.   If the book has a Lexile score, it will pop up on the screen.  (Some books do NOT have a Lexile score.)


If you know your child's Lexile score from a school measurement test, use to enter the score in the "My Lexile score is"  box. Click  SUBMIT.  A listing of books in your child's Lexile range should appear. 


This list will help your child select a book in the media center when using the online library catalog.



The arrows show various books with different content but which have the same Lexile text score.  If the child clicks the book title in the online catalog, more information about interest level and content will appear.  This helps the child select the book that is exactly right for him/her.

Special Note: Please be aware that some materials shown with a particular Lexile score are not always AGE appropriate for your child--the Lexile score is for particular books of measured difficulty, not interest or age levels.  The idea is to have students read what's in their capabilities and in their interest areas for a balanced enjoyable reading experience. .

AR Note: By the way, if you also want to know if a particular book has an AR test, there is a web site (AR BookFinder) to enter the title or author to find out if an AR test is available.  You will also be able to note the AR test/quiz number and the level of the book.




Happy Reading with Lexiles matched directly with your child's reading levels!

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