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Karate Camp

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Karate Camp will be held for grades 1-5 at the Arbor Station gym. 

Karate camp January 22-26 from 2:45-5:00...


 This gives you an idea of what your child is being exposed to the week of camp

All instructors are certified to teach the art of Taekwon Do. Instruction provided by American TKD Karate   

Expectations:  hard work, perseverance, good attitude, willingness to learn

Bully Busters:

Why people bully

How bullies pick their victims

How to deal with and avoid bullies

Environment awareness: Home, Car, Public places

How to deal with trouble at each of the above


Mechanics of a kick

Where and when to safely practice 

Punches and strikes

Mechanics of a hand strike and punch

Where and when to safely practice 


Basic self-defense and counters for:

Single and double wrist grab

Single and double shirt grab

Head lock

Bear Hug





          Single Kicking shield (one opponent)

          Double Kicking shields (two opponents)

          Four Kicking shields (four opponents)

          Focus mitts (large, medium and small)


Punches and strikes

          Focus mitts (large, medium and small)


          Blocker pads

Wait there is more:

              Reaction games

              Awareness games

              Role playing games

              Endurance games

              Focus games


The art of board breaking

Each student will learn the proper techniques to break a board.  Each student will get a chance to break a board with a kick at the graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony will be held at Mile High Karate on Hwy 5. Parents can select to see their child graduate on Friday night  or Saturday morning. This will give parents and kids an opportunity to see their facilities.