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Road Runners

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Road Runners Information

Information for YOU BEFORE Registration!

Please Click Here:  Student and Parent Information about the Road Runner Program

Click here for Road Runner Captain Applications for 4th & 5th Graders 

 P = Parent Participation

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***Filling out this form does NOT guarantee your child a spot on the team  


2017-2018 Race Schedule


Race Form 

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September 24

Get Your Pink On!

Winston Elementary

 Click here for race form  Closed Click here to help at our tent!

September 30

South Douglas Fastest Feet Run

South Douglas/Fairplay Middle School

 Click here for race form Closed Click here to help at our tent! 

October 21

Douglasville Moonlight Run P

Downtown Douglasville

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 Closed Click here to help at our tent! 

October 28

Holly Springs Hawks Run

Chaple Hill High School

 Click here for race form Closed Click here to help at our tent 

November 11

P.E.T. Run

New Manchester Highschool

 Click here for race form Closed  Click here to help help at our tent

November 11

Day Spring Run...(is an afternoon race) P

Central Baptist Church Supporting Annette Winn Elementary

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 Closed  Click here to help at our tent 

December 9

Wolf Run 

Mason Creek Middle School

 Click here for race form  Closed Click here to help 

March 3

Diamond Run 

New Manchester Elementary

 Click Here for race form Closed Help: Click Here 

March 10

March Madness Run (Dorsett Shoals)

Clinton Farms

Click here for race form   Closed  Help: Click Here 

March 24 

Bear Run P

Arbor Station Elementary

Click here to get info and race form       Closed


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April 22 -cancelled 

rescheduled for

April 29

Cool Cat Run (Glanton Hindsman)

Villa Rica High School

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May 5

 Peachtree Jr.

 Peidmont Park

click here to  get race info  Closed   

Practice Helpers: Click on which day you would like to help monitor practice: You can pick which day. It does not have to be every Tuesday or Wednesday. You can pick one day or several. 




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 Get updates by text message on race days click here Remind Me: Texting app. 



To promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles, to provide a running enrichment program for children that offers the opportunity to improve running knowledge and skills, to participate in running events, and to meet other students in the school and the community.  The program is also designed to build self-esteem by giving children a feeling of success when they finish a race and to challenge them to improve their personal run times for future events!

Practices will be held for students in grades 3-5 on Tuesday from 2:45-4:00. Students in grades 1-2 will practice on Wednesday from 2:45-4:00 rain or shine. If it rains, we will do some activities in the gym. When we are outside, there will be several safety stations around the course where parents will be needed to monitor all of the runners. We encourage parents, who can, to come to practice and exercise with their child. We also do station work and need parents to help give encouragement to all runners. Sign up Genius is what we use to communicate who is helping at each practice. we usually need about 4 parents each practice. 


Note: practicing only once per week will not improve cardiovascular endurance and race performance. It is recommended that your child exercise at least 3-4 times per week to see noticeable differences in fitness and finishing times.

Extra Pratice with the Family every Thursday at Hunter Park at 7:00 P.M. Click here for addtional information: DC Rouge Runners

Fall Season is: September-November 

Winter: optional training Wednesday morning at 7:20 January-February 

Spring Season: March - early May


What we do at Practice!

  • Endurance running
  • Interval training
  • Ladder training
  • Hills
  • Station work
  • Fitness stations
  • Running games
  • Speed work
  • Form running

Parent Volunteers

When we have parent help, we can be productive for your takes everyone!! Here are some ways that parents can assist at practice: First Aid, providing water and Gatorade before and after practice, monitors while they are exercising, parents to run with the children, taking pictures, recording times at the races and running errands that may need to done.

R O A D 


· Maintain academic and behavioral responsibilities

· Attend all practices

• Run in a minimum of 1 race in the fall and a total of 4 road races scheduled during the school year. Captains must run in a minimum of 1 race in the fall and 5 races in order to receive a captain's pin.

  • Run in 2 races for the year to be invited to the end of the year party in May. 






$10 for the first child · $5.00 each additional Child 

· Membership dues help pay for the following· Gatorade, Running Supplies, Cups, Letters, Bars, Captains Bars, Dog Tags and any equipment that we need for the program


Purple Road Runner Shirt & Black Shorts

· Shirts $15.00 each. The shirt design and color are new this year! If you are doing road runners for the first time, you need to purchase a shirt. Road Runners from the past can still use last year's shirt. Always wear your shirts to practice! 



Dog Tags 
Letter Bar Super Runner
10 Plus Club Global Treker Perfect Season



First year runners will have the opportunity to earn a letter and students who already have earned a letter will have the opportunity to earn a bar. Students must abide by all the road runner responsibilities in order to receive a letter/bar. Students who run in 4 races ( 3 races from the list and 1 extra race not on the list or 4 from the list… you choose)


Students who run in 7 races during the school will year their name engraved on a plaque to be hung in the gym lobby on the wall of fame. (4 races from the list and up to 3 extra races can count or 7 from the list... you choose)

10 Plus Club 

Students who run in 10 or more races receive a medal.  (7 races from the list and up to 3 extra races can count or 10 from the list... you choose)

Global Treker Award


Student who runs in a race furthest from ASES during the current school from August - April. Recieves a personal trophy with the race information on the trophy. 

Perfect Season

Must run in all the races on the road runner schedule. Student recieves a perfect season plaque. New this year...a group picture/plaque of all perfect season runners will be displayed in our hall of fame!



For more information on Road Runners,

Click: Road Runner Constitution and Bylaws